The ongoing projects of Shining Light Ministries include the following:

1. Church Planters:

Dedicated church planters are needed to spread the Good News of the Gospel to these Western Balkan Nations: Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. These countries are the least evangelized areas in all of Europe.

2. Leadership Training:

Sponsor or teach lay leaders. Pastors and teachers are needed who would go and teach basic Biblical and spiritual life courses which will last anywhere between one to four weeks in duration.

3. Shining Light Ministries Legacy Centre:

Ever since Shining Light Ministries (SLM) started in 1991 Ljiljana and I have run the administrative and editing part of the ministry basically from our basement. The Lord was blessing our efforts from day one so the ministry expanded both in the Western Balkans and here at home. We ran out of space to store ministry material, stationary, and equipment storage and even some limited humanitarian aid packages for the mission field. In order to do justice and to expand already for several years now, God placed it on our hearts to build a ministry center.

This would be a place of housing the ministry but also expanding it and enabling us to engage more people to pray for our partners. It would help develop orientation periods for missions’ teams prior to going on the mission’s field, packaging humanitarian aid supplies for the mission field, and we can hold seminars on various topics as it relates to family needs. like marriage relationships, raising children, effectively dealing with personal finances and health issues. All teachings would be based on proven biblical principles as they were set out in our books that we published

4. Bibles and Bible Tools

In a country where prior to NATO bombing on Yugoslavia there was over 50% unemployment rate (like in Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia – now the unemployment rate is even higher) not many people can buy their own Bible. You can make an eternal difference by helping us provide Bibles and other evangelistic tools like Jesus videos, translation and publication of essential books for Christian growth etc. to the Balkan people!

5. Missions Teams

Youth groups or church members are encouraged to join us on mission trips to the Balkans. The trip could last anywhere between ten to twenty days. Your involvement will depend on the need of the local Balkan churches and the make up of gifts within the team. Involvement could range anywhere between tract distribution, visitation, and singing, preaching, teaching, children’s work, helping in building or ministering to orphaned and disadvantaged children and to refugee women and families. Approximate cost is $2,500 per person. You can be receipted for the entire amount.

6. Christmas Blessing

Each Christmas there is an opportunity to provide gifts to national workers who often work without remuneration, and do not receive gifts at Christmas time. These workers are very dedicated and gifted but often live under very poor conditions. You can be a real blessing through your prayers and gifts.

7. Orphaned Children

God cares for the orphans and the widows. The Balkan war in recent years has produced many orphaned and disadvantaged children. Children often go hungry to bed and are without necessary medical care. Inadequate clothing and shelter are also a big problem.

8. Refugee Families

There are presently over 700,000 Serbian refugees and displaced peoples in Serbia. These refugees have fled from their homelands in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo respectively. The latest flood of the Kosovo refugees created a catastrophe that is not going to go away quickly. While many Christian and non-Christian organizations are working in Bosnia and Kosovo itself, almost no organized relief efforts exist for the hundreds of thousands of Kosovo refugees women and children in Serbia itself. We work with local churches in the area to distribute food and medicine and provide spiritual support. Your help is needed now.