Ministry Endorsements of Rev. Slobodan Krstevski:

Rev. Dr. Bishop Tommy Reid, Founding Pastor of The Tabernacle

“I have become a personal friend of Slobodan Krstevski and the wonderful work of Shining Light Ministries. He is a great teacher. I had him preach for me recently and what a phenomenal teacher he is of the Word of God. I get really excited inside when I see people touching and changing their world. I’m telling you that this is a ministry that is worthy of your support.” Watch Endorsement


Rev. Dr. Ron Burgio, Lead Pastor at Love Joy Church; former President of Elim Fellowship International 

“Slobodan Krstevski and his wife Ljiljana have ministered at our church and they were a great encouragement to the church body here and also to me and my wife Judy. They are kingdom-minded. They believe in the kingdom of God all over the earth. We want to encourage you to invest in them and sow a seed into their ministry, you are going to be sowing a seed into very good soil, that will produce a very good harvest.” Watch Endorsement


Rev. Dr. Duane Durst, District Superintendent at NY District of AG

“The Krstevski family serves the Balkan region of our world. Our district executive presbytery has endorsed them as a ministry out of the New York District. We encourage our churches and our families across the district to support them financially. We encourage them to open their hearts. There is a tremendous need, yet tremendous open doors, and tremendous opportunity. So we encourage you to open your heart, open your church, open your wallets and support Shining Light Ministries.” Watch Endorsement


Bishop Robert Sterns, Pastor of The Tabernacle & President of Eagle’s Wings

“God placed a seed in the heart of the Krstevski’s over 25 years ago and today that seed has grown into an incredible harvest for the Kingdom, all across North America, Eastern Europe and really around the world. This is a kingdom family with a kingdom vision, to make a difference for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You can make a great difference by standing with this ministry in your prayer and in your giving. Shining Light Ministries and the Krstevski family is making a great difference for the Lord and His Kingdom in this hour. I personally invite you to be a part.” Watch Endorsement

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